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Jules Jordan - Daisy Grips Baton

Daisy Grips Baton
Daisy Stone gets more than the workout she expected!
Wearing knee-high socks, a tiny tube top, and pink booty shorts Daisy stretches as she prepares for an intense workout. She runs on the treadmill with a baton in hand like she?s in a relay race, practicing to get the handoff right as her step-brother sits down to wait for the machine. He questions her about the baton and after explaining why she has it, she?s bothered and asks him to help her practice if he?s going to stay there. He has to stand behind her and when he says ?Stick?, all he has to do is hand it to her, simple enough. Daisy focuses back on running and turns the treadmill higher so she can get running at speed then once she?s going fast enough he yells ?Stick? and makes a perfect handoff. It?s obvious her step-brother is having a hard time controlling himself while watching Daisy?s perfect ass bounce as she runs in front of him and when he hands off the ?Stick? this time she?s going to get a surprise! He yells ?Stick? and Daisy reaches back and grabs ahold of his raging boner, letting go immediately as she?s shocked. He explains that he just broke up with his girlfriend and couldn?t control himself with her perfect ass in front of him, so he switched one stick for another. Daisy doesn?t take much convincing before deciding to get a special type of workout today!
Daisy Stone
Tags: Big Cocks, Blondes, Blowjobs, Camsoda, Deep Throat, Facial, Natural

Release: 2020-10-14  |  Views: 2 347

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