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Jules Jordan - Innocent Coco Lovelock Sucks The Soul Out Of Big Dredd

Innocent Coco Lovelock Sucks The Soul Out Of Big Dredd
Coco Lovelock may be the first porn lilliputian. Ironically, in this scene from Jules Jordan Video there is a giant involved...Dredd?s massive meat. The diminutive darling greets Jules and is asked who dropped her off. ?My mom. She knows what I?m doing??. The 21 year old self described slut is a big cam girl fan that ended up making her own 100 plus shows. Now she?s ready to take things up a notch. Who better to raise the stakes with than Dredd? Out by the pool Blonde Coco tells Dredd ?I seen your cock on the internet, it?s huge?. Dredd uses the opening by saying ?Seeing you?re here right now, why not see it in person??. Teensy Lovelock agrees and unleashes the sex serpent. Showing no fear, she does make some head and arm comparisons as most do. She gets excited by the size, yet she?s so small she can give Dredd a standing bj! A most unique visual. The penis pixie knows how to deal with the size discrepancy. She fits as much cock into her tiny mouth as she can, then two hands the rest. Dredd seems to approve as he uses the word ?amazing? a lot. At one point our fairy-like Coco takes a moment to see if she could fit Dredd?s redwood in her pussy. They actually giggle at the idea ?It would poke my lungs out? says a contemplative Lovelock. Dredd knows how to maximize Coco?s size as he picks her up and twirls her upside down for an aerial sixty-nine. Lovelock approves then she finally sets her sights on making Dredd pop. Her feverish stroking pays off as she takes a hard earned stream of Dredd drainage to her cute little face...
Coco Lovelock, Dredd
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