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Jules Jordan - Tru Kait Is Hot As Fuck

Tru Kait Is Hot As Fuck
Zipper breaker Tru Kait is on deck and FAF (Fly As Fuck) in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Plenty of jelly packed into Kait?s tiny frame. And it?s all on full display during the tease. Tru?s thickset behind is stupefying with the black assless nets she?s adorned in. Her rack can cause whiplash if you aren?t expecting what pops out of her top. Beefy boobs with big cookie-sized nipples. Munch! After her outdoor rollout Kait is indoors and on a countertop popping each cheek with twerky delight. The doe-eyed starlet makes her way to the sofa. She makes her hairy twat available for Manuel Ferrara to dive down and stimulate. Kait salvos and engulfs Ferrara?s meat down her throat. She puts her long hair over to the side and gets nasty on Manuel?s nethers. Tru hops on Ferrara?s cock in cowgirl and her booty continues to impress. Some reverse-cow and missionary commence then Manuel folds Kait?s legs and whomps her ass slab. Tru finds a curvy black chaise and she gets face down. Ferrara straddles the lounge from behind and puts Kait?s sweet ass and thighs in motion. Manuel shows off his cum control in a disciplined pop sequence. He humps then comes round and deposits into pretty Kait?s mouth. He returns to the scene of the crime only to return and deliver even more frost to the face. Then he pulls the ?tru-fecta? by going back for a third pump and finally jettisoning all his liquid manhood into a fully fed Tru Kait...
Tru Kait, Manuel Ferrara
Tags: 4K, Big Butts, Big Cocks, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Deep Throat, Facial, Lingerie, Rimming

Release: 2021-09-15  |  Views: 2 098

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